Keep Your Skin Youthful With These Healthy Foods

How can you achieve a youthful glow, fight the signs of aging and say goodbye to acne? Eating the right foods is holistically good for your body but the list of foods below have direct benefits to the health of your skin.

Food that is beneficial for your skin

Olive Oil

A 2012 study analyzed the diet of 1264 women tracked their consumption of olive oil compared to signs of aging. Women with a higher consumption of olive oil – more than 2 teaspoons a day saw 31% fewer aging sings compared to women who ate less than 1 teaspoon. This is because about 75% of the fat in olive oil are monounsaturated fatty acids which can play a part in keeping skin youthful. The antioxidant polipehnols also exsist in olive oil which reduce harmful free radicals in the body.

Yellow Bell Peppers

The British Journal of Nutritional released a study which found that people who ate more than 250 grams of green and yellow vegetables had fewer wrinkles, especially in the crow’s feet area around the eyes in comparison to those who ate less than 69 grams. The average yellow bell pepper is 190 grams and contain the antioxidants which fight aging free radicals and can support the health of your skin and your overall body.

Dark Chocolate

This delicious treat is also great for your complexion. Dark chocolate holds cocoa flavanols which are an excellent antioxidant. This helps to hydrate the skin and improve circulation. A study focusing on women who drank a mixture containing cocoa powder high in flavanol resulted in a reduction of skin roughness and scaliness compared to a control group.

This was the equilivant of 3.5 ounces of chocolate however keep in mind, this is very high in calories. However chocolate usually is loaded with refined sugar, the healthiest way is to go for cacao powder and mix it with a healthy sweetener or add it to your smoothie.


Tomatoes can provide sun protection benefits. Sun damage is a one of the largest contributors to premature skin aging. A study in 2008 concluded that people who consumed 5 tablespoons of tomato paste and 1 tablespoon of olive oil over 12 weeks had a 33% higher protection from sunburn compared to a control group who only ate the dose of olive oil.

Tomatoes have high levels of the antioxidant lycopene, especially in cooked tomatoes which helps improve the skins natural SPF. However this is not a replacement for actually using sunscreen but rather a boost to your skins natural defenses.


Fish high is omega-3 fatty acids should be on your menu. Sardines in particular pack 1.5 grams of omega-3’s in just a 3.5 ounce serve making it one of the best choices. Salmon is another plentiful source of this helpful fat. It helps your skin by reducing inflammation – often a main driver for acne.

Green Tea

In 2011 there was a study published in the Journal of Nutrition which found those who drank a beverage with green tea polyphenols each day for 12 weeks resulted in more elastic and smooth skin, as well as up to 25% less sun damage when exposed to UV light compared to the control group. Green tea is high in antioxidants like EGCG which also helps boost blood flow and therefore better delivery of nutrients to the skin to improve your complexion.


Not only is it a whole grain, oatmeal is a highly nutritious breakfast, it also provides great benefits for your skin. Refined sugars and simple carbs increase insulin levels in your blood stream and increase production of a hormone called androgens. These hormones cause your sebaceous glands to secrete more oil, trapping dirt in the pores and causing imperfections. Switching to complex carbs like whole grain oatmeal helps balance your blood sugar and reduce those hormones in your body for a clear complexion.


This superfood is one of the best sources of lutein and zeaxanthin which are nutrients that work to absorb neutralize free radicals caused from UV light. One cup of kale also provides you with more than 100% of your daily intake for vitamin C and A which both help to firm the skin.

Orange Peel

The University of Arizona studied people who said they ate plenty of citrus fruit, juice and peels. Those who ate peels had a 33% less likelihood of having squamous cell carcinoma while the juice and fruit did not have an effect. They credit the limonene which is a compound found in the oil of the peel to offer UV protection.


This is a nut that is expectionally high in omega-3’s, which offers a meat-free source of this fatty acid. Walnuts contain an certain omega-3 called alpha-linolenic acid. A deficiency in this particular fat can result in eczema, or a form of dry, scaly skin.

Grass feed beef

High in protein at 30 grams per 3.5 ounce serving, grass feed beef helps your skin by providing the building blocks for collagen and elastin tissues. These keep skin tight and prevent wrinkles.


Water obviously works to keep you hydrated which in turn keeps your skin plump and youthful. Being in the habit of drinking water also means you will avoid excess sugars found in other drinks like juice or soda’s. When your blood sugars get too high, sugar can attach to proteins in collagen which cause the skin to sag and wrinkle.

Almond Milk

This is the perfect alternative to dairy. Dairy is highly inflammatory so it can aggravate acne, rashes and aging. Non dairy, non-sweetened milks like almond milk are a better option.


An option for vegetarians is soy. A study which gave a small group of middle aged Japanese women 40mg of aglycone, which is a compound in soy saw they have fewer fine lines and better skin elasticity within the 12 week study than the control group.

The aglycone contained isoflavone which can stop collagen from breaking down in the body which is an effective way to prevent sagging and wrinkles. You can eat the same amount of isoflavones in 3 ounces of tempeh, 6 ounces of tofu or 1 ounce of dry toasted soybeans.



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