Is it Safe to Lose 10 Pounds in One Week?

The short answer is yes but only under certain circumstances. Starving yourself for a week might result in short term results but it is dangerous and generally the weight will pile back on anyway. Crash or starvation diets can have negative effects on your mind, leading to eat disorders.  Let’s talk about the healthiest ways for you to lose weight fast.

Rules for Losing Weight Fast

There are constraints around who can successfully lose 10 pounds in a week:

  1. Have excessive weight to lose
  2. Moderate fitness levels
  3. Have the time to dedicate

Have the Excessive Weight

If you are already lean – it is impossible to lose 10 pounds in a week. You must have enough extra weight for your body to shed. For those carrying more fat, this is a great way to kick start weight loss but don’t expect these results week after week.

Moderate Fitness Levels

Exercise is necessary for fast weight loss so you will need to be able to handle general cardio and resistance training.

Having the Time to Dedicate

Time constraints are a factor in weight gain itself – we are tired and stressed from our busy lives so we don’t exercise and we don’t eat properly. In order to drop the pounds, you need to prioritize your weight loss goals by having time to cook and work out.

How Do I Lose The Weight?

A right mixture of diet and exercise is the key. You’ll need to work out every day and eat in a calorie deficit to achieve the goal.

In terms of your diet:

  • Stay away from simple carbohydrates. This helps you flush extra water from your system which reduces bloating and weight. Simple carbohydrates also cause blood sugar spikes, releasing the insulin hormone which in turn encourages fat storage.
  • Start the day with a glass of warm water and lemon juice. This will wake up your metabolism. Pair that with a simple meal of fruit.
  • Drink black coffee. This works to suppress your appetite and can also rev up your metabolism.
  • Eat lean proteins. It will help fill you up for longer without the extra calories in fat. It is also muscle-sparing so your weight loss will come mainly from water and fat.

Exercise helps you burn more calories than you are eating – creating that deficit that allows you to lose weight. Here are some exercise tips:

  • Walk everywhere. Moving around more often will keep your metabolism humming along rather than being sedentary for long periods of the day. The extra exercise will help you drop the pounds.
  • Lift weights. Heavy resistance training will burn more calories than reps with lighter weights. It will see a lift in metabolism even hours after your workout. While heavy resistance training over time will lead to weight gain – it is healthy muscle weight not pounds of fat.
  • Don’t over-exercise. While you need to exercise everyday to achieve the weight loss goal, listen to your body and don’t over tax yourself.

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