How To Easily Get Rid Of Cellulite

Getting rid of unsightly cellulite is something nearly all women want. Cellulite is the persistent subcutaneous fat which causes dimpling of the skin and affects up to 90% of women.



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Cellulite is caused by:

  • Being overweight
  • Genetics
  • Toxicity in your body
  • Poor circulation
  • High levels of estrogen
  • Low skin elasticity.

This post is all about how to get rid of cellulite through diet and exercise. Remember, this will require discipline and patience but it will pay off in the end.

Step one – Fix your Diet

Some foods help improve your overall health and reduce instances of cellulite.

Foods rich in antioxidants are good for your overall health and will help with circulation, detoxification and the break-down of fats.

The following foods are extremely beneficial to your health as well as for reducing cellulite.

Chia Seeds – a power packed seed full of nutritional value like vitamin C, antioxidants and fatty acids. Chia seeds can reduce your appetite and so help with weight loss. Chia seeds are easy to find at your local grocery or health food store.

Avocado – While avocados have a high fat content, they contain essential healthy fats as well as a range of antioxidants and vitamins. That higher fat content also helps you stay fuller for longer, which is helpful for weight loss.

Apple Cider Vinegar – This is great for mixing into salad dressing, or drinking diluted in warm water. Apple cider vinegar is high in potassium, magnesium and calcium; these minerals help flush toxins from your body and help to reduce water retention from the thighs, hip and stomach.

Green Tea: You’ve probably already heard about the myriad of health properties. Green tea can help you lose weight,  it increases blood flow and will detoxify your body – all factors in reducing cellulite build up.

Leafy Green Vegetables; Think all those salad greens like spinach, kale and lettuce. These greens are high in fiber, rich in vitamins and necessary for overall health and weight loss. If you don’t like eating those greens, you can blend them into a breakfast smoothie with along with berries and coconut water for a super healthy start to your day.

Foods to avoid

The below list of foods are the main contributors to weight gain and are generally bad for your health. It is best to either avoid these all together or eat in moderation.

Dairy – Dairy is full of simple carbohydrates, which are treated like sugars after the digestion process. Modern farming practices result in dairy also contains added hormones and antibiotics which strain your livers detoxifying process. Your overall health will benefit from fewer dairy products in your diet.

Refined Sugar – Adding, refined sugar is toxic to the body. It is responsible for increased rates of obesity and the raft of diseases that come along with being overweight. The extra fat storage will cause a build-up of cellulite so it is best to avoid refined sugar as much as possible.

Processed food – highly processed and packaged foods are full of chemical additives which fill your body with toxins. Your body is flooded with inorganic compounds which plays havoc on your systems. Avoid these processed foods all together and replace them with fresh, organic whole food where possible.

Alcohol – Fills the body with toxins and will make your body more acidic further more alcohol reduces the positive effects of vitamin C, zinc and calcium in the body, thus reducing the effect of breaking down fats into fatty acids.

 Exercise to reduce cellulite

Exercise aids in weight loss and also helps to improve circulation throughout the body. The right exercises help build muscles tone problems areas like the stomach, thighs and hips.

Squats/lunges; these target your leg muscles – thigh, bottom and hips. Building muscle definition in these areas helps to smooth the appearance of your legs and reduce cellulite. Start out with small weights and perform the exercises in front of a mirror to make sure your form is correct to avoid injury. Make sure you seek advice from a trainer if you are new to squats and lunges.

Core Exercises; Working your mid section has so many benefits. You will build stronger abdominal muscles to improve digestion. It will build stronger back muscles, reducing your chance of back problems later in life.

Pushups or bench press; This type of exercise focuses on your back and arms. This can help you tone ‘flabby’ arms and well as improve posture and overall health.


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